This is a first time discussion for me......BP is drilling in the Rocky Hill and Marion Ferry area of north Angelina County area.  Several wells completed and completion of a pipeline  (10" pipe) has been laid across Anderson property, old Treadaway farm, Angelina Lbr. Co., Marion Ferry and Henderson land. Assuming pipeline coming from Moffett and no idea where it is going. BP has it has it wrapped up.  Land person, Karen Smith, says she has completed the first pool of leases for BP.  Speculation that it wells in area will start production by end of 2018.

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David, check out the Angelina County Group on this Board. There's more information that "Jffree1" has posted. Most of the information on this Board relates to Louisiana, so I recommend that you friend some of the local East Texas posters for more direct information. Thanks for the update.


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