Any update on Trinity/USG in North Caddo New Unit HA RA SUXX?

I noticed the hearing/meeting to combine units in R 14 W T18 & 19  Units 4 and 33 to force pool was delayed until Jan 4th from Dec. 12th.  Any reason other there was just not enough time to take care of all proposed meetings on Dec. 12th?

As for attorneys and land agents, mineral consultants I recall Skip Peel said December is big crunch time.

Any update would be appreciated.

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Docket items being continued to a later public hearing date are common.  In the majority of cases, there is no problem.  Only a delay.

Thank you, Skip.

Repeat:  Any update re: Hearing was completed on Jan. 4th.  Any info if will be approved and how long does it take?

That application was continued to Jan. 7.  99% of applications are approved as presented and I'm sure that is the case here since there is no competition for leases in this area.  It can take two to three weeks for the Field Order resulting from the application to be entered in the database.

Thank you, Skip.


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