Anyone know Aethon's lease terms for Ashland Field 13N 7W 18 and 19

Aethon has proposed three HA cross unit laterals for 13N 7W 18 and 19 in the Ashland Field in Natchitoches Parish.

The state hearing date is June 8th.

Does anyone know what lease terms Aethon has been offering to landowners or what the lease terms were which the earlier operators had offered and which Aethon bought out?

Anyone want to offer advice on a bonus amount per acre and the going royalty rate for un-leased land in sections 18 and 19.

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Good deal, Skip. That makes my day. Let's hope they can get a rig in there before the end of the year. My family greatly appreciates your help on this. They send their best wishes.

I think a spud before the end of the year is likely.  This is a six month permit.  You're welcome and good luck to you and the family, Jesse.

Yep. Looks like Aethon is chopping at the bit. Rushed in their spudder rig pretty darn fast. That tells you something, huh?

I'm still kind of surprised there hasn't been any chatter on lease offers. Sort of unusual. My family hasn't signed a lease yet. No landman has made contact. So I still wonder what the going royalty and bonus money is on this CUL drill.  

07/14/2021 07 1936 MOVE IN SPUDDER RIG, DRILL F/100' T/1,936'. POOH L/D 4.5" DRILL PIPE. RUN 10 3/4 CASING TO 1936' W/ 857 SX; RELEASED SPUDDER RIG

Good to see the activity but getting surface hole drilled with spudder rig a good operational move. Very cost effective. Figure the spudder rig contractor had a slot available and Aethon grabbed it.

I believe that doing spudder work / operations like this cancels the 6 month permit timing to get work started (may be wrong on this). Operator didnt' want permit to expire.

Now to see when the big rig comes in.

I think that the lack of observable leasing activity may be related to the fact that this is a "step out" from the defined Haynesville Shale fairway.  Aethon may want to get some test results from this well before they pull the trigger on a more aggressive leasing effort.  Aethon may also feel that they are the only player in the Ashland Field area at this time.

I guess so, Skip. Makes sense to me. Let's hope the geo data from the earlier HA wells nearby prove they have it figured out.

Chesapeake ran logs which are on file for the CV RA SUD:PH 8-13-7H #1 (originally permitted as a Haynesville well although completed in the CV) and HA RA SUG;Guin 20-13-7H #1.

Wondering what Aethon has seen in the two Haynesville Shale offset producers that are less than 1/2 mile from their lateral as shown in attached PDF from ENVERUS site?

Have attached the two production graphs for these wells. Same operator (Weatherly). 20421 abd 20425.

Both these historical wells went down at the same time (Sept 2016). One made over 5 BCF before going off line / had IP in excess of 20 MMCF per day but only came on line at around 10 MMCF per day.

Devil probably in the details here as to landing zone, petrophysics and frac approach.

Wishing Aethon luck on their efforts!


Here is map showing the two historical HV wells vs Aethon well / could not attache to previous posting


Good stuff. Rock Man. Much appreciated.

Logic tells me that Aethon has a profitable game plan based upon the science. Of course, in the oil patch, sometimes things don't work out as expected. Still, they're not drilling blind, so to speak.

I'm also glad Weatherly isn't heading this expedition. Glad there's a deep-pocket gorilla (Aethon) moving the roustabouts across the chessboard.

Back in 1970, when I was a wet-behind-the-ears youngin' of a roustabout myself, working on a small survey rig that was used to punch shallow holes in watermelon patches around where Bonnie & Clyde got blasted by the Texas Rangers, I was proud my family had pioneer Ashland back in the 1800s.

So for a deep-pocket operator like Aethon to come in and invest in such a hardscrabble/backwoods hick area like Ashland was during the Great Depression, makes me proud that my family had held on to the land for as long as it did.  


A couple of old mantras here:

Always good to own the dirt (as to your family efforts)


It's all about the rock (as to hopefully Aethon's approach to the HV Shale in this area)


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