I didn't know where else to post this, but some time ago I was asked a question about international Shale Gas plays - at the time there wasn't much out there that I was aware of.  This article came out in the August 1 edition of the Oil and Gas Financial Journal - a little light on the technical issues, but interesting nonetheless.


Shale Gas Article

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We seldom touch on the international state of the shale gas revolution but it does have implications for U.S. production.  The article does a good job IMO of stating the critical factors:  not all European shale formations will be economic, and the limited history of hydrocarbon exploration and production and public/political dynamics that will make development difficult and slow.  In order to maintain domestic E&P momentum new markets should be developed.  I suspect that the international LNG export/import market will expand to fill the void created by the inherent lag in global shale gas development.  Thanks, John.
John, a recent assessment estimated the total recoverable shale gas resource in Europe (excluding Russia) at 639 Tcf with Poland and France accounting for 57% of this total. 
Thanks for that info, Les.  Do you know where that assessment can be found?

JC and Les B,

Didn't France ban fracking?


They may have - I don't know.  The article mentions potential problems with public outcry against drilling in populated areas, but doesn't mention anything about fracking not being accepted...

France has put a hold on fracking but Poland is going full force. Poland has been under the thumb of the Nazis, the Communists and now the Russian natural gas monopoly.  France offered to help Poland build nuclear plants, but Poland wants its own energy.  Smart.


  Here is a good website with news about shale around the world.



Looks like they need a "Go European Shale" forum over there, huh?
Since Europeans do not own the mineral rights associated with their surface estates, I doubt that even Keith could interest them in a "GES".  The incentive of royalty income does not exist.



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