BlackBrush O&G LP applies to form a 1440 acre Austin Chalk drilling unit in 1N - 2E.

Cut-and-paste the following URL into your search box to view the application including play.

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Can’t get it to open Skip ,  anyway you could post the report and play here? 

It's not a link, it's a URL address.  If you know how to cut and paste, cut in from the discussion title and then paste it in the long address blank at the top of your browser.  If you can't manage that, use this link:

Scroll down to North Cheneyville Field in red and click on Hearing Application.

Thx skip

Pulled this link (and cut and pasted the info) from BlackBrush's website about their historical AC Hz Frac play experience.

Good to have another player in the La trend that "knows" the AC as to this new approach.

Thx RM, interesting info.  Anxious to watch them make the AC play work here in central La.  and in what way they exploit a 1440 acre unit ! And if that’s going to become the norm for unit acreage. 

By the orientation of the unit boundaries, lateral direction will be north/south.  If you divide the width, 8000', by 12 you get 666.666' between wells.  The no perf zones on all boundaries is 330' so that would be about right.  No perforation in a lateral may be closer than 330' to a boundary line.  660+' slices north to south would make for potentially 12 wells per 1440 acre unit with lateral lengths somewhere in the neighborhood of 7200'.  Keep in mind that operators may now drill cross unit lateral wells (HC).  An operator could stack 1440 acre units and drill 15,000' laterals if that were the preferred length.  Maybe Rock Man can compare to the size/shape of the AC units in Texas.  Or provide average lateral lengths in current TX wells.

I will dig into the lateral lengths in Tx AC Hz frac play more but I know that they are short in comparison to the lengths cited here. Normally 5000' or less.

This is due for the most part to a mix of land factors (lease blocks) plus faulting that "cuts off" drilling longer laterals.

More later

Attached below is a PDF excerpt of some work I did on AC Hz Frac completions about a year ago. A lot has happened since this was done but focus on the "orange" column for treated frac lengths - less than 4500' average.

Laterals have not gotten much longer in the Central Texas (EOG) area for reasons already discussed but operators like Geosouthern, Wildhorse and Enervest are going beyond 10,000' treated laterals around the Bryan / College Station area with their AC Hz Frac wells.


Thanks, Rock Man.  I guess that BlackBrush could build surface locations in mid unit and drill a set of wells north and another south but that seems counter intuitive to the trend for longer laterals.  I'll post the well plats when permits are drawn.

That approach would be fine for "old" AC natural completions but would defeat the purpose for Hz Frac play - the longer the frac'd / treated interval in the AC, the better (IMO)

Would you have any idea of the thickness of the AC across the fairway where most of the current interest is occurring?  What might be the radius of a frac cylinder at the targeted landing depth?

I am sure that the total AC thickness will vary - I will try to dig up some logs and look at this. 

A point to keep in mind is that the entire AC will almost definitely NOT be the frac target since I believe that the focal point for laterals will the AC section with the best P&P (and O&G storage capacity). You also need to add in the impact of regional ash beds which will serve as "frac barriers" due to their high clay content and ductility.



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