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Posted in the Comment section by Jamie:

We have two pieces of property in the Slagle area, Vernon Parish. On the first piece (40 acres) a rep from a company contacted parents by mistake and left message to call if interested. They made contact again on the second piece (25 acres) two weeks ago, different person but same company. They made a tentative offer of 125.00 an acre with 1/5 royalties. This offer was only for the second piece and stated the first piece was in a different area handled by a another rep. Came back and made a lower offer of 100.00 an acre with same royalties. We have not leased. Would like to hear more about the drilling in Vernon. Was it not successful?


Anadarko has completed two well in Vernon Parish in the last 6 months or so. One is producing +/- 100 bbls per day the other 500 bbls or so a day. They are spudding another presently. There is another well that was completed early this year but we can't get info on - the company won't release the data. That is the Indigo - Bentley  Lumber well. We've about figured out that that well may be an Eagleford well. 

I won't tell you to either lease or not to or what to lease for. You and your family have to make that decision. I have been told both here on this site and in person to take my time. I was told in person by a geologist at one of the pre-app conferences to not give my lease away. He said that a hundred dollars an acre would not cut it in the Chalk and TMS. That's the plays that we are looking at in my area. His remark was a direct statement to me and was not solicited. However, I have no idea what we are possibility looking at as far as a realistic bonus is concerned. From what I can ascertain a lot of people in the industry seem to think that this is just getting started and that it may be best to wait if we can. That is strictly up to you and your family though. 

Who is the leasing company and who are they leasing for? Also, watch the State lease sales. That may give you a pretty good idea what is being paid in your area for bonuses on State property.

The Indigo well isn't looking so good.... or so I hear.
Leasing activity is going on in the extreme southern tip of Sabine Parish LA between Sabine County Texas and Vernon Parish LA.  What formations are they targeting in the township 4 north 11 west area?
Tom, who the hell knows the formations? you are between the Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Tuscaloosa Marine shale and the Austin Chalk along with several shallow formations.
Two Dogs, Between or On Top Of is the question all must be asking.
I just hope that they drill it. I think we may get production from the TMS and AC in South Sabine.

Looks as if you are right with the oil find in the #1 Zap Minerals well near Hornbeck. 

Who is leasing in the southern tip of Sabine parish
It looks like these units are representing the larger sized units I have been hearing about due to horizontal drilling. Any comments on this thought?



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