Bistineau Field, Sec 28 / 16n -10W / Bienville Parish, Leased to BHP, CHK operatated, sold last year to Covey Park

Well serial number on Sonris is 242760, CHK sold well and no royalty payments in over a year, Well is still flowing, have 43 acres so minimum is not reason for check, multiple emails to BHP not answered, any one have any info on other wells or feedback on this well or similar.


Larry Todd

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You have a case for lease cancellation if you want to pursue it.  Last test was 200 Mcfd which is still economic.


Jay, can you recommend a local attorney...............not sure if going forward, to pursue cancellation or try and get money from BHP, trying to find out if Covey Park or BHP is problem, cant get answers. Any feedback appreciated.


Was BHP or CHK paying your royalty prior to the sale to Covey Park?  Since Covey Park is the current operator, have you tried contacting them?  If not, I suggest that you do so.  Covey Park Owner Relations 855-973-1611.

Thanks Skip, BHP was paying royalties, finally got a reply from them yesterday when I mentioned next step was attorney and last word from them I should have an answer by end of next week, after the person who looks over the division orders for that unit looks at my complaint.



You're welcome, Larry T.  Would like to hear BHP's explanation when you get it.

will do

Here is reply: unbelievable

Dear Mr. Todd,


Thank you for your inquiry regarding missing check payments for your account in the WEYERHAEUSER 28-16-10 H-1 well located in Bienville Parish, LA. 


Our records indicate that you have not received check payments because your account is currently in recoupment status.  When the subject well was revised due to a new unit survey completed by Chesapeake, your account’s overall interest in the well was decreased, which placed your account into a recoupment status.  Once the recoupment balance has been paid off, you will resume receiving regular checks. 


From our records, it appears that there is approximately $xxxxx remaining in recoupment. 


Thank you again for your inquiry, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Owner Relations Call Center at 877-311-1443, (fax) 888-484-3189 or


Kindest regards,

There is a lot of that going around currently.  Especially with units operated by Chesapeake.  Thanks for posting the reply.  I suspected that might be the problem.

Larry, it would be very helpful if you could ask when the new unit survey was done by Chesapeake.

I would ask for a copy of the CHK unit survey and the new survey that resulted in changed RI decimal. I have discovered the same problem on a sale to Vine. New survey and less ownership to us. No recoupment problem, just less ongoing RI.

Seeking new Vine

unit survey, as I have original 2010 CHK survey. Anything CHK touches or ever touched turns out to be wrong!


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