Border to Border [BBX] drilling in Jasper for the Woodbine

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Owen, don't get carried away!  LOL!  All these associated discussions belong in the local or regional groups, not on the Main Page.  When you post to the appropriate group page all the members of that group get an email alerting them to the new discussion.  That doesn't happen for discussions posted to the Main Page.  And discussions can move down the Main Page list and be missed by members who may have an interest or something of value to add.  Please join the appropriate groups, read the recent discussions and post your discussions there.  Good Luck.

Owen, those of us on the District 3 group are really exited about the development and would like to hear/discuss more.  You'll probably want to check out the discussions and/or look at the discussions regarding ZaZa and Halcon.  BBX has also had some great success, at least based on IP, on Austin Chalk wells.  

dbob - I beleive Panther Bayou will plan to drill into Woodbine after first re-completing a well in the Wilcox to get to HBP.  Interesting times for all.


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