I am trying to find anybody that might have knowledge about the subject well.  If it's a good well, it might inject some much-needed optimism into the discussion about "the-way-down-deep shale" - like in the range of 14,000# for bottom hole pressure.  If you know anything, please respond & Thanks

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I am very interested in hearing more on BP-Mississippi #1H as we have holdings in that area as well... will be fantastic if we start seeing producers in this area like we have seen in others. We recently had BP pick up leases on our properties as well, however still in the 'wait and see' phase.

Here's what I could find on this well - note that all of this info is public information on the Tx RRC site.

Attached is the completion report (Feb 2019) and production graph from DrillingInfo.com. Note completion report does show lateral lenght and reference to Frac Focus for stimulation details (I haven't dug that up yet / this is also public record).

Note that no IP is listed for the completion - operator produced about 7 MMCF of gas in Feb (probably some post frac flowback gas). Then shut the well in until 142 MMCF of gas was reported for Sept 2019.

This 142 MMCF may only be a partial month - but if not, this is still 4.7 MMCF per day. Note that there are no liquids.

The gas production graph is weird since you cannot see the production "dots" - but note the total gas production at the top of the graph.

I am thinking that operator tested the well, proved that they had something worth while and then spent the money over next 6 months to lay in pipeline before bringing it on to sales in Sept 2019.


Thanks, Rock Man & Bill R. - I'll try to provide info when I find it... Bill R. - can you tell me where you leased to BP?  They used to call me about a small tract that is East of the Mississippi, but they haven't called in over 6 mo.

Our Holdings that were leased are directly South of BP-Mississippi 1H in Survey A-449 (highlighted in blue on attached Map)


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