Building pad or pads at Marion's Ferry in Angelina County?

Someone called me a week ago and said that trucks are hauling in white rock into the Rocky Hill Community.  One of the rock truck drivers told this individual that they were building pads for drilling.  He said that was all that he knew.  Has anyone seen this activity and have any additional information of what and who is starting this project?

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The activity could be Aethon's plan to drill the Titan 1H and Titan 3HB on the Titan Gas Unit. This is infill drilling. The Permits are as follows:

Titan 1H Permit

Titan 3HB

A pad is being built (likely completed now) for the Gasosaurus 2H and 3HB on the Gasosaurus Unit. Again, more infill drilling. This activity is located near FM 842 and Troy Johnson Rd (Moffett area).

I suspect we will see more activity in the future (my opinion).

LOL!  Gasosauras is a great well name.  Right up there with Chesapeake's Propageddon wells.

Yes, that is funny. BP named most of their northern Angelina County Wells after dinosaurs. BP / Aethon's drilling area north of Huntington is named after mountains (which I've occasionally spotted this area referenced as "Mountains" in Black Stone Mineral's Investor presentations). Supposedly, BP's area to the west (HW59 area, dormant and now assigned to Black Stone Minerals) was to be named after pirates (confidential source). Glad you noticed the "gassy" connection.

Didn't one of the E TX Haynesville operators use Beatles' song titles?  Julie, would remember them.

ETF.....thanks for the information.

David Treadaway

David, as you probably know, BP has outsourced their drilling to Aethon, with a goal of further developing  Black Stone Minerals' acreage located within BP’s Laceyville field. This Laceyville acreage is located within an area from Marion’s Ferry and west to the Moffett area, and southeast to an area north of Huntington. It’s my understanding that Aethon has also extended mineral leases in the Kurth Lake area. The following update came from Black Stone Minerals’ SEC 10Q which filed last week (November 2):

In the second quarter of 2020, the Partnership entered into a development agreement with Aethon to develop certain portions of the area forfeited by BPX Energy in Angelina County, Texas. The agreement provides for minimum well commitments by Aethon in exchange for reduced royalty rates and exclusive access to our mineral and leasehold acreage in the contract area. The agreement calls for a minimum of four wells to be drilled in the initial program year, which began in the third quarter of 2020, increasing to a minimum of 15 wells per year beginning with the third program.

This an FYI and it appears to me that Aethon’s activity will ramping up, especially if LNG pricing remains elevated. Again, my opinion.

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Good idea.  You have two choices, linked below.  One is for Angelina Cty and one is for a specific portion of Angelina.  The one with members from all over Angelina would be my choice but also look at the number of members.  You might want to choose the one with the most.

Skip, I agree with your recommendation (all members). Thanks for the follow-up and I appreciate your involvement with GHS.

You're welcome.  Good luck to all the Angeline County members.  I think they will appreciate this news.

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Last week I went to the Rocky Hill / Marion Ferry area looking for the new pad or pads.  I found one on the side of the creek on the Anderson Road just off of Veteto Road.  I have seen several pads in the area previously and must add that this appears to be the largest pad I have found.  It is my estimation that this new pad is a mile from the Titan pad.  You can barely see the Titan site from the new pad. The Anderson farm and the old Treadaway farm are between the two pads. The road to the Titan is not open due to a locked gate at Marion Ferry Road.  There are three wells dug at the Titan site but only two are producing.  When they fracked those three Titan wells, one collapsed and is not in production (I was told by one of the locals).  Seems that no one knows the exact date that the digging will begin.  As usual, it is all a mystery of what and when........???  Does anyone know when they are scheduled to start drilling on this new site?

Based on your field report, I checked ENVERUS / DrillingInfo - no new permits have been filed in that area yet. But it is not uncommon to build surface pads prior to actual permits being filed and approved by the Tx RRC.

The size of pad would tend to indicate multiple wells planned.

One won't know anything about timing of any rig move in and spud unless you are working for the operator (and know their rig schedule) or work for the drilling rig contractor and know their rig move plans.

Typical oil field - lots of waiting until things happen


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