Chesapeake and Plains Selling Acreage outside of Core

I see where they are selling just under 100,000 acres in Harrison, Panola, Northern Caddo and Northern Bossier.

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They leased quite a bit up and down Swan Lake road.
It is Chesapeake's largest concentration of HA units north of 16N. Sections 25,26,34-36 - 19N - 13W.
Would you please email me a copy, also? I see you've had requests from others to do so, and I believe you can do this through the site. Many thanks -
email it to or
February 3 is the bid deadline. I wonder who will be on the list of buyers? Keep us up to date. Thanks, jhh
Today is the deadline. I suspect we may see some reports highlighting winning bids in the next 24 to 48 hours.
Very good. If i see anything... i'll post as well. jhh
in range 15 how far North does the core go? To which township?
It would appear that Chesapeake is calling 18N the northern limit of the core. Possibly not all of 18N would be included in the core!
now that we've had a few days of this discussion... could you please post the file of acreage to be sold...? jhh
That's fine. email will work. i think you can do that through the site. thanks
please send to
thanks, jhh


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