Chesapeake selling Haynesville acreage in Sabine, San Augustine, and Shelby Co, Texas

Chesapeake selling 21,800 Net Acres in Sabine, San Augustine, and Shelby County Texas.  Could this be the start of Chesapeake selling off more Haynesville acreage non-producing or producing?  See the attached flyer.

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Nice to have the production listed there.  The stuff in the south is of interest.  The stuff in the north is not good rock.  Devon would be a good fit, if they had any money.  XTO doesn't show much activity in the area.  Be interesting to see who picks it up.  

Wonder when the leases start expiring.... 

XTO may be interested in the southern block. Who knows about the north? Maybe there's oil under the HA up there... ; )

Stuff up north could have Travis Peak potential

There have been a few hz. attempts in the CV in that area, as well. 


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