Comstock Announces Successful Upper Haynesville Shale Well in Sabine Parish (3/24/2010)

FRISCO, Texas, March 24, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Comstock Resources, Inc. ("Comstock" or the "Company") (NYSE: CRK) today announced that the first well drilled in its South Toledo Bend field in Sabine Parish in Northern Louisiana was successful. The Sustainable Forest 3#1H was drilled to a vertical depth of 12,360 feet with a 4,160 foot horizontal lateral. The horizontal lateral was drilled in the upper section of the Haynesville shale or Bossier shale and the well was completed with 16 frac stages. Comstock tested this well at an initial 24 hour production rate which averaged 20 MMcfe per day at a flowing tubing pressure of 7,800 psi. Comstock has a 67% working interest in this well.


The Sustainable Forest 3#1H well is Comstock's second horizontal well drilled to test the Upper Haynesville interval also referred to as the Bossier shale. In 2010 the Company expects to drill 56 (41.1 net) horizontal wells in its Haynesville shale program. Approximately fifteen of these wells will target the Upper Haynesville shale. This well is also the first Haynesville shale well drilled by the Company in Sabine Parish where Comstock has 22,404 gross acres (17,561 net acres) that are prospective for development. Six of the planned 56 Haynesville shale wells that will be drilled this year are expected to be in the South Toledo Bend field.


Comstock, Sustainable Forests 3 Hz #H1 Well, Serial #240372, S10(3)-T8N-R13W

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Les B, is the well in section 10 or section 3? I'm confused.
Surface location in 10, PBHL in 3. This well is a significant step out and data point for this area of the Play. Both Plays.
Thanks, Skip. The S-T-R challenged need help sometimes, LOL!
Surface locations just don't mean what they used to. LOL! Wouldn't you like to know what the HA zone looked like in this well log. Stack those Plays!!!!
My how time changes the summer of 2008 company's had little or no interest in the Noble area.
Has anyone heard anything regarding estimates of decline rates for the mid-bossier shale? I know it is very early on but thought maybe someone had seen a model.
AL, some initial comments are the decline profile will be very similar to the Haynesville Shale.
Les, would this well be very similar to the encana jimmy brown about 8 miles N/E.
Ken, based on the limited information the two wells seem to be similar in performance.
Les B, is the upper Haynesville at 12,360 ft? Thanks
Harley, based on the Comstock information I would assume that is the case in that area of Sabine Parish. The Mid-Bossier Shale (Upper Haynesville) sits immediately above the Haynesville Shale.
I think they drilled vertical a little over 11,000 ft in our area of 11n 15w. Is it that big a difference from lower desoto to sabine as far as where the haynesville starts? Could they possibly be drilling above the haynesville here. Possibly in the Bossier. We have had several real low IP rates in our area. May be stupid question but will not learn any other way. Thanks


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