Today, 3/30/19, Southwest Mount Common Field, West Feliciana Parish.

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It is SOP for LA operators to permit a TVD deeper than their intended target.  No one wants to pay for an idle rig while hurrying to get an amended permit from the state in order to drill a little deeper.  The state doesn't check the formation listed on the permit in regard to permitted depth as far as I know.  The permit will state whatever the operator places in that blank.  Now, when the well is completed and producing, the state will perform some due diligence to determine the correct depth.  It is not unusual to see a well permitted for a specific zone/formation and then to be reported complete in another.

Skip - good points / we used to do this in my previous life at a major operator.

Betting time - will CP drill to Buda or not???

My bet ($2) is "yes"


Thanks for the offer but I do not gamble when all I have is a WAG.  :-)

That depth should cover the AC.   Not sure what logs you are looking at by I looked at the two offset logs to the COP Erwin well and they show that this depth is sufficient.  


Did you compare the Erwin well and the McKowen well?

Yes, the McKowen and the Hebert are much further downdip than the Erwin well.  The Erwin well is 1500-2000 structurally updip to those wells.



ERROR - I was incorrect in my comments about the depth of the AC in this area. The whole core is in the AC. Once I reviewed Kirk's posting on this, I realized that I had screwed up.

I apologize for that error.

Erwin #1 reported 30 days drilling ahead @ 12,932' on 4/26.

ERwin #1 reported 37 days drilling ahead @ 12,934' on 5/3.

Long time at the same depth - could be problems related to well control and/or trying to plug back to start drilling horizontal part of the hole.


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