Dealing with 31 Operating LLC non-payments in Webster Parish

Hello, Wanted to join the conversation about 31 Operating, LLC out of Rockwall, Texas, not paying Interest Owners on

wells in Webster Parish.their due money. There should be an Investigation by Louisiana Attorney's generals office about this company. We are an Interest Owner, and are wondering if anyone has already filed a Law suit against this company for non-payments on Interest.  We have sent them a Demand Letter in January of 2020.

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Thanks for weighing in, Robert.  If I can be of help, let me know.  I know Ron Weems.

I received a check Saturday.  Did anyone else?   

Yes! we received a payment 3-5-2020 for months past into 2019. Haven't seen for what months paid for yet, but was definitely for a number of months being outstanding.

Hi! 31 Operating was communicating with the heirs of a owner that passed away in 2019 until early May 2020. We submitted all the necessary paper work to their office and crickets. We are owed about 2 years of royalities. We have emailed and called multiple times without a response. I see that there is a Demand letter several folks had written. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Kent Coleman 214 906-1300

Hello, I am sorry to hear about your issues. There is definitely a major communication problem when dealing with 31 Operating.  Depending on what state your royalty is out of would probably direct you to a certain office,  The office for Louisiana wells is out of 3021 Ridge Rd., Suite 156, Rockwall, Texas, close to Dallas Texas. You need to send a Demand Letter ASAP either bye you or an oil and gas attorney.  I know there are laws in Louisiana that protect owners of mineral rights and royalties. Good Luck!

Hi Gary, Yes we have been working with Brittany Hill at the Rockwall location. I found a great outline of a demand letter on this site. I will draft one for the family today. Thanks

I wanted to send you a private message, so sent you a friend request Diann.


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