Someone asked me the other day, if DeSoto Parish is the leading spot of HS? I said it was because of all the continued activity, more so, than anywhere else. They thought I was wrong. Why is DeSoto Parish so busy compared to other areas? Why is Bossier/Red River Parishes not as "busy"? Will these parishes pick up activity in  2011?


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Of 1810 Haynesville Shale classified wells to date, 890 are located in DeSoto Parish.  By far the most.  Red River has 284 and Bossier 109.  It is misleading to speak of the Play based on parishes as economic shale does not follow parish boundaries.  All the area that is today DeSoto Parish happened to be in the right portion of the historic Gulf Of Mexico when the Haynesville formation was deposited.  The surrounding parishes cover a portion of the basin containing the economic shale deposits while DeSoto is completely within the basin.  Keep in mind that for practical purposes we usually speak of the Haynesville Shale Play as including both the Haynesville and the Bossier shale formations.  And the portion of DeSoto Parish that appears less than economic for Haynesville is likely a productive area of the Bossier.
Thanks, that helps

Permits for 2010 (give or take one or two) for HS horizontals:





Red River-200


Rigs Running at 12/30 per Haynesville Play:





Red River-10


This should give you a clue based on permit activity for the year 2010 and rigs running at yearend.

Smith, the following is the number of permitted Haynesville/Bossier Shale well permits to date in Louisiana.


DeSoto --- 945 (47.6%)

Red River --- 342 (17.2%)

Caddo --- 310 (15.6%)

Sabine --- 125 (6.3%)

Bienville --- 125 (6.3%)

Bossier --- 118 (5.9%)

Natchitoches --- 15 (0.8%)

Webster --- 6 (0.3%)


Total --- 1986


All of DeSoto Parish lies within the play area and most of the sections required a well to be held by production.  In addition, several areas within the parish are already in the pad development phase with multiple wells per section (unit).


Large areas of Bossier and Red River Parish are now already held by production and operators have shifted activity to other parts of the play in Louisiana and Texas.  Activity may increase after 2012/2013 if natural gas demand picks up.  

How close to a section line does a pad need to be to drill an adjacent section?
PG, I don't think there are any set rules for pad or surface locations, however the surface location seems to run 200' to 400' from section lines. The wellbore perforations rules are 330' from section lines. 
I notice on sonris that sometimes 2 sections are serviced by one well pad location. I was just wondering why there couldn't be more than 2 sections...



It is possible to drill more than two sections from one pad. Encana has done this in S26-T15N-R14W. 

239486 HA RA SU54;JACKSON DAVIS 26 H #1

239782 HA RA SU75;JACKSON DAVIS 25H #1

239786 HA RA SU74;JACKSON DAVIS 24H #1

239578 HA RA SU73;JACKSON DAVIS 23 H #1

FXEF,speaking of multiple wells on one pad, have you heard if sections 17,18,21 of 14/14 Desoto are getting a multiple well pad in the corner of sec. 21. That area Encana has the pad on is 9.87 ac. which is really large for just one well
I'm also wondering about that huge pad just off the Jesse Latin Road. Hope someone will answer your post and give some insight what Encana's plans are. Currently there are no new permits for 21.

KCM, generally EnCana sizes all their pads for more than one well.


The existing Green Rives well pad in Section 21 would probably be used only for Sections 16 & 21.

I thought 16 was under lease with Exco. Have they joined with Encana to drill together in 16?


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