A member pointed out to me that he could not find the donation page.  I checked with Keith and he has fixed it.  You can go to "Links"  at the very bottom of any page, or use this link:  https://gohaynesvilleshale.com/donate.  If you received valuable advise or answers to your questions in 2018, please consider a donation to help support GHS.

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I will do that Skip, I never knew there was a page or link to donate-Thanks

Gary Sheffield

You're welcome, Gary.  Keith and Anna never make comments regarding the donation income that GHS generates but I suspect that it is quite modest.  Every little bit helps.  I wonder how many members would be upset if GHS was to go away.  I hope, and don't think, that it is but it is not a non-profit operation and is worthy of our support.

Ok now it's completely fixed, thx Ski

The link works! I got my donation in. Thanks for your efforts, Keith. Keep up the great work on GHS.



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