Anyone local to the Avoyelles area hearing anything about the Eagles Ranch Well? It appears that they recently finished drilling well and should be moving frac crews on location soon.

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Thanks to Robert for posting the latest production info on this well.
Does anyone in the field know if this well has a pumping unit on it or not? Latest test data from several months ago seems to indicate that well was flowing on open choke with low pressure.
I would think that installing some sort of artificial lift (beam pump, gas lift, jet pump, etc) to help unload the well and get pressure off the formation (to allow for more fluid feed in) would have been done by now (or will be done soon).
This would be the norm for any well like this (i.e. unconventional horizontal frac wells)

Where can we view the production.

Water cuts in Masters Creek Field ran from sixty to eighty percent is my recollection. Each AC well necessitated an SWD well onsite to lower disposal costs. Except the ones that came up mostly water with little or no hydrocarbons. There were a few of those that went P&A real quick.

Rockman, I have not heard of any AC well with an artificial lift installed, but the idea is intriguing. You are truly a man ahead of his time.


I suppose it comes down to: is this a good well or not?

I have a "glass half empty" evaluation, this well will never produce enough to cover its $11.9 million drilling cost, not to mention the lease operating costs.

I think Rock Man has more of a "glass half full" evaluation.  Facts supporting him include the well has produced 112,508 BBL in its first 9 months, the knowledge gained from this well will make future wells more productive, future drilling costs should come down and the well is not yet on artificial lift.

I should defer to Rock Man who has vastly more knowledge and experience in this area, and I thank him again for his insightful and thoughtful posts.  I just can't get past the math.

New plays, and the matrix approach to the AC is a new play, always require a learning curve.  I suspect that EOG learned enough from this well to drill a more productive well in this unit in the future.  Right now the leases are held in force by production and there are a lot of leased acreage that is not.  So by the time EOG comes back, if indeed they do further develop AUS C RB SUB, there will be spacing available for five to six additional wells.  A lot of mineral lessors will say that they are happy for companies to go figure out the right well design on someone else's mineral and we all understand where they are coming from but someone has to be first.  And if the play proves economic and wells can be economic in this unit, there will be a good many future wells.  And greater royalty.  Maybe EOG will make it back  to SUB when crude is $100/barrel.  :-)

My reply option is not working on my laptop right now (probably my internet link) - so posting this as a "new note".

Is the EOG well a "good well or a bad well"?

Good question - and I will post that this is a "good INITIAL well in the a NEW plan area!".

Note that I stress initial and new - it is rare for the initial well in a new play concept and/or area to be the "optimum" well in that specific trend.

Remember that the EOG well is the hz AC frac well in Louisiana. The treated lateral is only 4250' long (note that treated lateral lengths are now 10,000' or longer in other horizontal play areas.

Odds are EOG used a frac approach that was developed in Central Texas, and they still have that has made over 110 MBO in a relatively short time frame.

Is the well economic? For sure no!

But has EOG learned a lot from this well and the data obtained in the pilot hole (odds are core, special logs, geomechanics, etc.) as well as the results of the frac (proppant types and concentrations, fluid volumes, stage lengths, etc.)
I would say a definite ""YES"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EOG and other players drilled many AC Hz Frac wells in Texas before hitting the "sweet spot" in Karnes County.

Side note on water production - the AC is known to make a lot of water. A good part of this water is tied to the natural fracture systems that can be rooted into deep overpressured water intervals. Isolating AC hz frac completions from naturally occurring fractures is a big issue in Louisiana (as well as any other area). Diverter technology is a key part of this "isolation" effort.

But lots of water is not a death knell to any hz frac play - it is common for Hz Frac wells in the Permian to maintain a 40 to 50% water cut in wells throughout their productive lives. And this water cut profile is seen in wells that have EUR's projections in the 700 MBO to over one million BO range.


06/01/2018 052025 1 612 3783 3569 4063 332 AVOYELLES
05/01/2018 052025 1 350 4792 4760 4530 612 AVOYELLES
04/01/2018 052025 1 477 5291 4906 5418 350 AVOYELLES
03/01/2018 052025 1 488 6374 5741 6385 477 AVOYELLES
02/01/2018 052025 1 548 7382 6916 7442 488 AVOYELLES
01/01/2018 052025 1 177 8801 8334 8430 548 AVOYELLES
12/01/2017 052025 1 378 11171 10765 11372 177 AVOYELLES
11/01/2017 052025 1 622 14192 15394 14436 378 AVOYELLES
10/01/2017 052025 1 453 27609 29029 27440 622 AVOYELLES
09/01/2017 052025 1 0 26896 24024 26443 453 AVOYELLES

My DROID has some issues with this site and what is posted. But laptop works!

Decline continues - assuming that this well is still flowing under its own energy, present rate not that bad. EOG should eventually install some sort of artificial lift to help unload this well and remove the hydrostatic pressure that is holding back O&G (and water) influx into the wellbore.

Prior to artificial lift installation, EOG may opt to run a tubing string into the casing. This will increase pressure and help unload the well. 

I wish we had some intel from the field to see if there is any lift equipment on this location. Or any other activity that can be observed.

Thx RM for that Informative response. 

Cannot read all production info on my phone. Only see up to first part of stock tank numbers. Hopefully will see more on laptop tonight

See if this helps.


























































































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