Anyone local to the Avoyelles area hearing anything about the Eagles Ranch Well? It appears that they recently finished drilling well and should be moving frac crews on location soon.

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For the laymen amongst us, is that a good or bad number for the prospects of the play in that vicinity?

That is the NuTech number.


Comment on this question from Richard Davis (ran out of "reply" options on that thread):

"For the laymen amongst us, is that a good or bad number for the prospects of the play in that vicinity?"

This is only a single data point / well point - nothing to compare it to as what the AC looks like as to reservoir quality in this area or anywhere else in the Louisiana trend right now.

Key here is to take the petrophysical work for the AC and plot it (similar to what I included in post a couple of hours ago) to show porosity / SW / Perm / VClay / Oil or gas in place throughout the section to ID the best intervals for "best" O&G in place. This is then the target interval / landing zone for a lateral.

Remember - a horizontal well is not testing the entire AC section. It is only capable to targeting and frac'ing a part of the AC based on frac barriers and other issues. Normally 100' to 200' in thickness.

Thanks, very helpful to this layman!

No problem - in the example PDF I posted, the 30' thick sweet spot is where I would put the lateral and try to stay in that interval for the total length of the horizontal (assuming that the "sweet spot" maintains its quality for the entire lateral section).

We also correct the porosity logs for clay content in addition to mineralogical variances.
We also correct the porosity logs for clay content in addition to mineralogical variances.

Welcome to GHS, Galen.  Thanks for the input.

When comparing the porosity values for the area around the Eagles Ranch against the rest of the trend the Southern end of Avoyelles seems to run slightly lower than the other known fields by about 1-3% porosity
Galen's company did the work for us. Excellent outfit.


08/01/2018 052025 1 277 3413 3355 3220 470 AVOYELLES
07/01/2018 052025 1 332 3612 3490 3667 277 AVOYELLES
06/01/2018 052025 1 612 3783 3569 4063 332 AVOYELLES
05/01/2018 052025 1 350 4792 4760 4530 612 AVOYELLES
04/01/2018 052025 1 477 5291 4906 5418 350 AVOYELLES
03/01/2018 052025 1 488 6374 5741 6385 477 AVOYELLES
02/01/2018 052025 1 548 7382 6916 7442 488 AVOYELLES
01/01/2018 052025 1 177 8801 8334 8430 548 AVOYELLES
12/01/2017 052025 1 378 11171 10765 11372 177 AVOYELLES
11/01/2017 052025 1 622 14192 15394 14436 378 AVOYELLES
10/01/2017 052025 1 453 27609 29029 27440 622 AVOYELLES
09/01/2017 052025 1 0 26896 24024 26443 453 AVOYELLES


Thanks for posting this. Looks like month to month decline has really slowed down the past couple of months versus earlier steeper decline. Only 4-5% decline per month now. GOR has stayed pretty constant overall with only a slight increase over time. This is probably tied to decline in near wellbore reservoir pressure.

SONRIS also posted the production test numbers dated 10/6/18. Shows an apparent flowing production rate (on 64/64" choke) of 85 BO and 78 MCF per day with 245 BW with 153# Flow tubing pressure. Increase in water cut and decrease in O&G rates versus April 2018 production test (but flowing pressure and choke size the same for both Oct and April tests). This seems to indicate a steady decline while well is flowing with no artificial lift.

Expect to see continued decline when the production numbers for Sept and Oct are reported.



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