Anyone local to the Avoyelles area hearing anything about the Eagles Ranch Well? It appears that they recently finished drilling well and should be moving frac crews on location soon.

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What kind of phone do you have? Can see it well on iPhone 7P.

Hey, RM.  Turn that phone sideways.  :-)

So at 126 BOD,  where do we go from here on the Eagle Ranch well?  

It goes down.  All wells have a decline curve.  The declining monthly production volumes look normal to me but then again I'm just a landman.  :-)  IANAG. Nor, am I a reservoir engineer.

LMAO......i was looking for a more professional experienced oilfield opinion as artificial lift or something of that sort  BUT , considering the belly laugh i got from Jay i'll take it and retire for the evening....... my oh my... 

So how does this reduced production on Eagles Ranch affect the rest of us in AC/TMS (Rapides Parish)?

Any AC well results in trend impact entire area at this point in time IMO

Decline is normal and expected. Think of a well as a can of soda. As soon as you pop the top, the carbonation begins to dissipate. If you leave the cap off, it eventually goes flat. Since this is an oil well eventually it will be put on a pump to help lift the liquids to the surface. When we see a few months on lift it will be easier to assess the well.

So as of now it is flowing on it's own & will need pump in near future to assist with getting oil to surface.  Pump will help level out production.   How long normally is it before pump is added or is it based on natural production levels of well itself?

Installation of artificial lift will vary depending on individual well performance - which is turn is dependent upon a multitude of factors including but not limited to reservoir quality, frac stimulation approach, lateral length and direction, GOR and pressure decline.

Another factor as to timing of lift installation the attitude of the operator as to economics and cash flow expectations.  

With all that being said, I would estimate that some sort of artificial lift will be installed sometime in the second year of production.

As I have noted elsewhere, I believe the EOG is allowing this well to flow on its own to monitor reservoir response and pressure decline before they go to next step (i.e. either tubing installation or artificial lift installation or both).

A final point - remember that the EOG is a relatively short toe down lateral that appears to have cross cut the 100' target interval in the AC (as per presentation slides about this well from PetroQuest). These factors should all impact post frac well performance in my opinion.

Makes sense economically and gives an idea as to what AC future holds and how they approach next wells.  I am sure LA AC is alot different than TX AC?  Hopefully all turns out good for all.

Tx vs La is similar but different - typical as to any other play across such a large area


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