Skip or whom it may concern.  Is there is any leasing or drilling activity in Bowie County Texas?  Not sure how to search state of Texas activities.  

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Nothing on my radar but I tend to stick to unconventional and low-permeability horizontal development activity.  You can learn a simple well search for Bowie County on the RRC database.  Or you can go to the county clerk's office and search for recently recorded leases/memorandums of lease.

Shadow, as Skip and Jay said, it looks quiet. There have been no new wells permitted since 2015 that I can see.  There is some activity in Cass County.  Hopefully there is some new lease activity that I am not aware of.

Thank you.  From Louisiana so Texas research is more difficult for me.  Trying to determine if a lease is still active on minerals owned.  

I remember the old radio program! The Shadow Knows! Off topic.  

Could not think of anything else at the time!

As long as we are off topic.  You guys know that everyone under 60 is reading this and saying to themselves, The Shadow?  A radio program?  What the h---- are they talking about?!  LOL!

Well permits over here are good for two years. Those 2015 permits are expired now unless you see a spud date posted on the W-1 page. Completed & producing wells will also have (Lease ID #) under the API # on the query results list. 

Have a question concerning Leases.  What is a typical Oil & Gas Lease term in Bowie County?


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