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If Egypt falls... what happens to the Suez Canal and the flow of oil... and thus world oil supply lines?  Couldn't this have ripple effects…

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Magreb (sp) Mess?

Did the USA make any kind of military commitment to Mubarek?

The Saudis bought all those F-somethings from the US-what would Saudi do?

This is a GREAT question and thank you for starting it!

It's amazing how vulnerable we are to these situation and no one has done anything to prepare for it..
Unfortunately this can be seen in as the next stage in surrounding Israel.  Jordan is in play... the Saudis are a concern.  But, when Arab states get in trouble... they look to the West for help. The outcome in this is really unknown.
I agree that Israel is in a very precarious situation.  We may be about to see just how unprepared Obama is to deal with an international crisis.  I'm afraid he will abandon Israel.  News reports say the  Muslim Brotherhood (a political party) is very involved in these uprisings. 

Was not President Obama pretty supportive of Mubarek when he visited Egypt?

What about the WikiLeaks stuff (re: Mubarek/Obama relations?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Guardian (don't roll your eyes) has a blog on this and updates frequently--

7.35pm GMT:CloseLink to this update: There is a White House briefing on Egypt promised shortly, but the Associated Press has this bombshell – that the Obama administration is using US aid to Egypt as leverage over the Mubarak regime:

An Obama administration official says the US will review its $1.5bn in aid to Egypt based on events unfolding in the country, where the authoritarian government is struggling to extinguish huge and growing street protests.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the delicacy of the situation. Egypt has been a key US ally in the volatile region. US officials are now increasing calls on President Hosni Mubarak, the target of the protesters, to respond with restraint and reverse steps taken to cut off the protesters' ability to communicate.

The decision to review assistance to Egypt is a significant step as the US seeks to balance the desire to maintain stability in the region with a recognition of the unexpected scope and uncertain outcome of the protests.

7.30pm GMT:CloseLink to this update: Time magazine talks to "a minister in the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu," and reports that Israel appears to be backing the Mubarak regime:

With a deep investment in the status quo, Israel is watching what a senior official calls "an earthquake in the Middle East" with growing concern. The official says the Jewish state has faith in the security apparatus of its most formidable Arab neighbor, Egypt, to suppress the street demonstrations that threaten the dictatorial rule of President Hosni Mubarak. The harder question is what comes next.

But this was the most eye-catching quote from the unidentified minister:

"I'm not sure the time is right for the Arab region to go through the democratic process."

7.26pm GMT:CloseLink to this update: Reuters is now reporting a witness saying that the army has dispersed the protesters who tried to storm Egypt's state television building in central Cairo.
I like the idea of holding back $1.5 billion of aid.  at least that's what we know about.  Wait... isn't that what the federal government does to states that don't comply with regulations?  jhh
Sounds sort of like what happened when Iranian protesters took over their country back in 1979. If they turn out to be hostile to Americans, what will be the fate of those Americans living there? Would they detain them for some kind of leverage? Deja vu, maybe, huh?
Egypt? I say we help them out. Do we have room in Arizona next to that Brit bridge for those pyramids? I know, it's not time for long term planning, but I'm a big picture guy now.
We really don't need another theocracy in the Middle East, I'd rather see them under a secular dictator like Mubarak.  Democratic rule is fine and dandy, but getting there is the trick.  Otherwise the devil we know is much safer.  All we can do right now is speculate, I hope things quiet down one way or another without much further bloodshed.
We as Americans should be supporting the Egyptian people. We have always espoused the ideals of democracy and self-determination and now the Egyptian people are  in the process of getting rid of a 30 yr. rule of a dictator. By the way this is not just a Muslim Brotherhood uprising, all aspects of Egyptian society are involved in the uprising, including our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt. The Egyptian people have clearly declared their intentions is to form a parliamentary democracy which should be music to everyone's ears. I hope they succeed.
The trick is going to be getting themselves from the frenzied mobs to an organized government of and for the people...


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