EOG filed a LA Austin Chalk drilling permit in East Feliciana on the LA/MS state line in Little Comite Creek field.


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My dad was an AMOCO dealer.  After he retired from baseball.

Atlantic dealer here. The refinery in Philly that just had fires (and is being closed) is the old Atlantic facility there.

AMOCO? Atlantic?

Names from the long forgotten past!

Fixed a lot of flats with those bars. No plugs either all patches.  In 73 gas went to 15 cents a gallon in Houston.  Then 25, 35, 50 and so on.  I never look at gas prices now that much.  We were Shamrock dealer after being our own brand.

I'm having some trouble following this post.....has the Ironwood well been completed and flowing back?  I'm not sure what well flare John is referring to. 


No the Ironwood has not been completed.  Use the link in the discussion introduction to go to the well file.

These are the last two entries:

06/24/2019 06 18320 RAN 5 1/2" CSG TO 18299' W/ 585 SXS CMT; RR 6/19/19; WOCR;
06/17/2019 05 18320 DRLD LATERL TO TD AT 18230'; RUNNING 5 1/2" CSG;

Total Depth reported 6/17.  Casing run and cemented and Rig Released 6/19.  WOCR is Waiting On Completion Rig. 

John is referring to the flare on the Avoyelles Parish EOG well (first AC completion)

Ok, thanks. That makes sense 

Does anybody find it strange that EOG just increased its daily allowable rate on the Eagles Ranch well from 85bbls/d to 2,100 bbls/d? If the well is only doing ~50 bbls/d why ask for a 2,100 bbls/d allowable? Could they be planning to refrac the well or do some type of secondary recovery operation....

Interesting change - wonder if they are finally planning to install some sort of artificial lift (maybe ESP) to increase fluid movement and better unload the lateral. And in turn hoping for higher rates (but hard to imagine if would even be half of 2100 BPD).

Time will tell.

How about ESSO?!  Dad had an ESSO station for a few years before his AMOCO station.  I was too young to work at the ESSO station but put in some hours at his AMOCO station as a teen.

All classic names from the past. Gulf and Texaco and Mobil before the merger. The original Sinclair and dinosaur signs. Plus the "Flying A" signs (forget which company this was)

Also remember "gas price wars" and long lines during gas shortages


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