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If I recall correctly this guy was a participant in Gasland.  He has been an example of making extreme statements based on conjecture and not supported by facts. Here is Senator Inhofe from OK talking about investigating the EPA


funny how things always seem to leak out sooner rather than later these days, what with this neat little information sharing mechanism called the internet that we have now.

the truth sets even bureaucrats free, in the end.

Gloves are off -

“The EPA's 'crucifixion' philosophy and agenda is unacceptable and embarrassing. The EPA Region 6 director’s outlandish comments significantly cheapen the role of the state and federal regulators who strive to ensure that sound environmental rules and policies are promulgated and enforced. Furthermore, such a philosophy flies in the face of the sound science, the law, and common sense that TCEQ regularly utilizes in pursuing legitimate enforcement actions where violations do in fact exist. 

We believe the way to protect human health and the environment is through vigorous enforcement, utilizing the state’s administrative procedures that are afforded to the public and the regulated community.”

In government speak, them's fighting words - The best part is that the EPA appears to have gone and instead of trying to crucify just a few random guys, went after Jesus Christ himself.  I'd written Range off on the Parker County Stuff, and they've risen from the dead.  Ultimately, the Roman empire fell.

Gov. Perry had a few words as well: 

"Here in Texas, we're less surprised that's his approach than by the fact he'd be so brazenly honest about it.

Beyond the jaw-dropping unprofessionalism he displayed and the utterly appalling nature of his comments, Armendariz simply confirmed everyone's worst suspicions about his approach to managing his region. If, before, it merely appeared that the EPA was more interested in forcing companies to follow its political agenda than in cleaning the air and water, now there is overwhelming evidence to prove exactly that."

I've dicussed this privately with myself for a long while now (I knew it was coming.) it is a consequence of donating gargantuan levels of power to the most corrupt political machine ever to inhabit the walls at 1600 pennsylvania ave. And until this "virus" known as the president is removed, the attacks will keep coming.

He has been (up to the this point) more or less a patron saint for the environmentally minded (and obsessed).  He is well educated, generally articulate, and respected in academic circles as a published scientist and peer, when his positions are not being weighed against political philosophy.  One doesn't necessarily have to agree with his conclusions to at least have some respect for his commitment to his research and his beliefs.


Unfortunately for him and his supporters, he has probably said a bit more than he will ever be able to walk back and still be taken as academically credible or non-partisan.  Sometimes the spotlight burns too bright.


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