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Actually that is a fact that in Texas one does own the airspace above his property but it is hard to defend, prove or enforce.  It holds true below your feet also.  

L # 01


04/01/2019 04/07/2020


Mckowen Well

APPROVED 04/08/2019 20750 N INV # 1189809 RUN 2-3/8" TBG & A PKR FROM SURF TO 14050' MD.

putting tubing in the well to help with lift.  lord knows it needs it.




Assuming that they are letting the well flow on its "power" with this move.

Surprised that they are not installing ESP's to move max fluid faster out of the wellbore. Like in Permian Basin.

I don't think they want to throw a whole lot more money at this well until they see what the Hebert well does.


So there won’t be a representative repot on Sonris this month

They permitted another well today in East Feliciana, Well No. 251664.

Thanks for the heads up, Bob.  The serial number blue link should go active a little later today to provide access to the permit and plat.

No Problem. I assume the plat will match the below Unit Application.

Yep, with an overlay for the surface location and well bore path.  There will be other info of interest to some such as the whether this is a 6 month or a 12 month permit.

This will be on hwy 959 off hwy 67.



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