Foster Campbell recommended to serve on Oil Spill Commission.

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Did Foster Campbell sue the state after his self inflicted accident? Just asking . . . .

It is my understanding that Mr. Campbell sued in order to clear his name. I also believe he won the suit.

I've only been told this by friends though, so I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will correct it.
Bobi, what was he clearing his name of - how much did he win in the suit?

As I said, I am only giving second hand information, I'm sorry I don't know more.

But my understanding was that he thought the section of interstate was open. There were supposedly no barriers and no markings stating that it was closed.

The accident cost him the election, his eye and almost his life.

I remember that as they completed sections of I-49 that they were opening portions.

I don't have any idea of the award.

I wish I knew more.

One way or the other, the accident was a looooong time ago.

Since that time he has worked tirelessly for coastal restoration. Why?

What could possibly be in it for him?

Politicians from South Louisiana didn't seem to care.

In my opinion, he is a very intelligent, doggedly persistent person who will do what is right for both the marsh and the drilling industry.

I can't think of a better person for the job.
Thanks Bobi
The section of Interstate 49 in question was not open. Foster drove around barricades in order to access that stretch of I-49. I do not recall any lawsuit. I doubt that he would have had any reasonable chance of prevailing in litigation. He screwed up and accepted responsibility. End of story.
I thought the current trend was to make a move away from "career" politicians, to "clean house" and "start fresh."

Oh, and now we can dismiss the past history of politicians? Halleleujah, somebody PUH-LEEZE go tell the Pol Group.

Let's make sure that any of those newbies don't have parking tickets. I didn't get the memo that we had to have a fresh start.

I've never been involved in politics before maybe they can appoint me. I also have no record of being involved with working towards repairing the damage to the coast.

Oops. I've had parking tickets. I guess I'm out.

I think it is great that they are considering Foster Campbell. I also think it bodes well for him that he is more interested in serving on the commission than running for a ribbon cutting position.

Guess we are all entitled to our opinions.


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