The value of GHS is directly dependent on the number of active members.  If there are no current discussions, on the Main Page (Shale Related Topics) or on your group page, it is because no member has started one.  GHS is ultimately what the members make it.  We discuss what the majority have an interest in.  Information has value especially for mineral owners who are seeking input and referrals.  Participation of as many interested members as possible results in the most recent and comprehensive on-the-ground information. 

If you want to increase the benefits and value provided by GHS, we all have to encourage participation.  Tell your family, tell your neighbors and make an effort to grow the membership.  The more the membership shares what they know and reports what is going on in their area, the more information will be available to those who may benefit.  Knowledge is power.  GHS is the first, and I think the foremost website for mineral owners and mineral lessors, in the age of the Internet.  The more you put into it, the more you will get from it.

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