The value of GHS is directly dependent on the number of active members.  If there are no current discussions, on the Main Page (Shale Related Topics) or on your group page, it is because no member has started one.  GHS is ultimately what the members make it.  We discuss what the majority have an interest in.  Information has value especially for mineral owners who are seeking input and referrals.  Participation of as many interested members as possible results in the most recent and comprehensive on-the-ground information. 

If you want to increase the benefits and value provided by GHS, we all have to encourage participation.  Tell your family, tell your neighbors and make an effort to grow the membership.  The more the membership shares what they know and reports what is going on in their area, the more information will be available to those who may benefit.  Knowledge is power.  GHS is the first, and I think the foremost website for mineral owners and mineral lessors, in the age of the Internet.  The more you put into it, the more you will get from it.

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Seems as though the whole "Shaleoineers" thing has ran it's course...

I do have a question to ponder, but I will post it in a new post so it's not lost in this one.

Well said Skip.  No website we have ever found on the internet compares to GoHaynesvilleShale.

Since 2012, I have seen this same evolution of discussion sites, i.e. starts up with a few inquiries, gets hot and intense and really beneficial for a couple of years and then a pretty rapid drop off to next to nothing.

The Eagle Ford Forum and Cline Forum are two discussion sites that I was a big part of that experienced this. Both were great at their peak - and both basically died over time.

Why does this happen? Has everyone found out what they want to know?


The issue I see it is to get the NEXT generation of participants involved. But in doing this, you often get the same question and uninformed comments that were seen at the start of the Forum. And the new participants don't want to go back to research what has been said (or they difficulty in doing so).

Addressing the same informed comments 3-4-5 times over the course of year can get to be frustrating to those who are active on the site and trying to help.

I know some people are afraid to post - they have questions but don't know how to ask them. Or don't want seem "stupid" by posting what they are thinking and asking.

But back to the original issue - how to generate more activity???

If there was a way to get this sites info out to all royalty owners in the Haynesville, that would work. But how to do that? Operators won't help.

Looking thru site likes DrillingInfo in the ownership section would ID many candidates (names and addresses) - but how to contact these people?

I think it comes down to word of mouth by those who have been involved. As well as making announcements at various mineral owner meetings (e.g. NARO) that this and other sites exist.

Sorry for rambling - just a difficult issue to address

Great idea by Jay! 

I would kick in some $$$ to in support of this effort

Jay and Rock Man, I can pass your offer along to Anna and Keith but first I have a question, or two.  I assume the majority of NAPE attendees are industry members.  Is that correct?  Do you think many would be interested in becoming a GHS member?  Any idea what an exhibit space cost?

Agree that most attendees are industry members - but personally I believe that there is a small percentage of attendees who would have an interest in the GHS site.

Not sure on costs for a booth and related registration. I would assume that a GHS booth would similar (in costs) to those like AAPG, HGS, AAPL, SEPM, Universities, etc.

I'd like to have them but it's a cost vs return question.  I'll run it by Anna and Keith.



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