Does anyone if chesapeake is planing any new wells in this area. Looks like everthing in north in Desoto.. Dosen't loke like chesapeake is doing anything.???

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There is nothing in the public record for new Chesapeake wells in Section 6 at this time but the well, drilled in 2011, is getting low on monthly production.  I'd think that Chesapeake will need to drill some wells that include 6 in the next year.  I know it can get frustrating waiting but keep in mind, your section can get five more Haynesville wells and six Bossier wells.  That likely means four or five more well groups that will produce from your section.  Patience.  It will pay off.  For years to come.

Thanks so much. I am 70 years old and hope they do before time runs out. HA

Me too.  I hope we both live to see all those wells get drilled.  If not, I hope you have someone that you love to leave those riches to.  Good luck, long life!

My primary holdings are in DeSoto, but I have one property in Sabine Parish.  There are a number of reasonably good producing wells in my area.  I follow well permitting on Sonris, and the new wells permitted in all of Sabine is pretty low compared to DeSoto and Caddo.  Any explanation for the diminished interest in Sabine?

It's pretty simple.  Fewer Haynesville operators have drilling units in Sabine.  You can't drill where you don't have development rights.


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