Can anyone shed any light on the Hilltoppers-Banana Slugs Alloc H 2 and the Hilltoppers-Banana Slugs

Alloc B 2 wells.  I thought they had been drilled and completed some time ago but so far no royalty check!!!

I am beginning to wonder if they have ever been completed and turned to sales.  Any info would be helpful.

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Both wells have been frac'd as of early January (reports are in Frac Focus). There is an XTO pipeline that runs right by the surface location so pipeline access not an issue,

No production reports yet on Tx RRC site (in either active or "pending" category).

Just a matter of time until you receive Division Orders and start getting checks - but my gut is telling me you are still 30 to 90 days away from the first check

Thank you, Rock Man

Initial production (partial month, I'm sure) was reported, under lease ID #285802, as 218,527 mcf so the wells are online now. If you search on this query right now using that ID number you will get ''no report" because the data for the month hasn't been migrated throughout the system yet. If you search using this query, however, using 'Query by Lease' you will see the Feb. numbers. I found it by pulling up all wells reported by XTO in District 6.

Thank you, Jffree!

You're welcome.

Julie, was that initial Feb production of 218,527 just for the H2 well or was it a total for the H2 and B2?

It was for both wells.

Re: XTO Pipeline Loop in Banana Slug Area

I was looking at these wells on DrillingInfo site and turned on the pipeline option - the PDF attached shows the 8.625" diameter "XTO Loop" pipeline (dark red line) that they have built to connect up what appears to be at least 10 wells to larger (16" and 24") TGG pipelines (noted on the PDF).

Note the scale in the lower right corner of the map.

  • For reference, "30671" on the west part of the Loop near the river is the surface pad for two Hilltoppers - Banana Slugs horizontals.

Depending on line pressure and volumes in the main (larger) TGG lines, XTO can cram a lot of gas into this "loop line" - but how much I am not sure.

Wells coming on at 10+ million cubic of gas per day will decline over time. One can expect that XTO will stage in new wells to "fill the gaps" left as older wells decline. 

A lot more wells can be drilled from either existing pads or new pads along this Loop, but pipeline capacity will be factor in how this area is developed over time. XTO will want to produce wells at high rates but lack of pipeline capacity would cause them to reduce rates for various wells along the loop. This slows down payout and negatively impacts economics.

Just one more thing to consider as you look at future development and royalty payments across this area.



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