How Dying Gas Wells Are Making One Company Rich


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very interesting.  Brookston is another company that has bought a number of older wells in DeSoto Parish and is operating them.

The video doesn't make clear the scope of the problem - they talk about the number of wells, but not how much methane is leaking from them.  The professor tested one, but the amount of leakage wasn't described in useful terms.    I understand that every little bit counts, but some quantification would be helpful

I imagine a per well emission volume is not possible at this time outside of that small sample.  I posted the SONRIS link to the Diversified operated wells to give an idea of the number of their LA wells.  There are 1978 and not one shows that it has been plugged and abandoned.  I have no doubt that the volume of methane leaks is quite significant.  The older wells go back to the 1940's.  I can imagine what kind of shape the casing and cement jobs are in now eighty plus years later.


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