How long can a Shut-in Well (API 41931244) hold without payments? When can our holding be leased again?

Akota Operating leased and Swanson Drilled our property (B.F. Adams A-18) in Rusk County back in 2007, completed on 1/28/2008, was tested on 06/01 -06/06/08 to 384 MCF per day on a 20/64 choke and Shut-in by the Operator while they explored a Gas Sales outlet... to date it sets idle, Records state, "Unsuccessful - Well Dead" and the RTTC list is as, "Temporarily Abandoned". For awhile we received $1 per year and now that has stopped.

When I was checking on possibility of Leasing to another Operator, I was told B.F. Adams A-18 and J. Snider A-990 cannot be leased as they are held by 'Production'... is this true and where do I go to contest it? Anyone have any input or thoughts on this?


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You're welcome and good luck, Bill.  We'll all be interested to follow how this turns out.  Your experience may help others.

Most welcome, Bill R.


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