From time to time I like to remind members that they may support GHS by making a voluntary donation.

However I recently realized that there is another way to support GHS.  Websites make money by their numbers of members and by "clicks" on ads displayed on the site.  I would like to ask each of you to consider doing two things:  inviting those you know to become a member and by making a note to click on an ad each time you log onto the site.

I would further suggest that we make today and tomorrow "click on ads days" where members wishing to participate take 5 minutes and click on as many ads as you can. 

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As a reminder, Keith generally doesn't get to pick the ads, but they get served by the advertising company.  Clicking any ad helps, and if the ad company does its job, it ought to be of interest to you.  

Thanks, dbob.  It only takes a few seconds to click an ad or two each time we log on.  I hope many members will make it a habit.  It's such an easy way to support GHS.

Thank you to all who have started to Click For GHS.  It has been a success so far.  If we all get in the habit of clicking a few ads whenever we log in it will be a significant benefit for the site.

Bump.  Click.



I was a memeber of Motely fool before they went to a pay system, and then back to free, with adds and some premium features. 


My personal favorite was the anti-frac ads served a few years back,  I was happy to click on those.  

Do your part and click on something today.

just another annoying bump

Actually, there are some good links - I clicked on the HEADLINES at the lower right of the page and got a good subpage of News. You get a wide variety of news and I like that. I will click on this link again.

Thanks, Hopeful.  Every click helps to support GHS.


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