In 2014, Marathon Oil turned 22 gross wells online in the Austin Chalk formation.

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Thanks for posting this. Its interesting that they only have ~100 ft of Chalk over there and we have ~1000 ft here. The upper EF over there is about 35 ft thick and over here about the same. Just no one is looking in our direction. Kind of strange.

One day it may happen. A company like Marathon may just know what they are doing.

I'm hoping!!!!!!!!

Basal AC in the Marathon Area (mostly around Kenedy in Karnes County) is very organic and is almost a transitional member from the overlying Eagle Ford.

Some other companies (EOG, Enervest) are also chasing the AC above their Eagle Ford assets.

AC in La not as organic as I understand it.

Rock Man,

Its as organic here as anywhere. We had a blowout in AC in the 1970's by Amoco that killed the tool pusher and the driller. The problem is its so naturally fractured that the companies drilling it plug it with mud while drilling. Pryme and Anadarko are prime examples. They mudded up the formation in their recent wells and did not reopen and support the formation with a gravel/sand pack.


Have you seen anything about a change of operator in the Pryme and Anadarko wells? And if so who is the new operator?

I have not seen this data.

Neither have I seen a change in the operator in either of those areas. They were supposedly sold last year. I am curious about who bought those wells. And if they are still producing them.

I believe that the AC wells in question are still listed as operated by APC and Pryme.  Just perform a SONRIS search by Operator to confirm.

Thanks Skip. Do you know how long they can hold that information without reporting the change?

They can't.  Operators report monthly to the state.  This should mean that no deal has been done to assign the wells/leases.

Is Louisiana Austin Chalk Organic?

Total 220 wells reporting 26,930 months producing 57,484,104 barrels and 271,299,140 MCF gas.

~103 reporting producing 17,441 months producing 35,064,341 barrels and 152,047,985 MCF gas with an average of 340,430 barrels/well and 2,010 barrels/month reporting






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