Indigo making aggressive offers to purchase mineral rights.

I was recently contacted by a representative with Indigo, who I have current well contracts with. Two of the several wells have only been producing a few months. An initial offer was made, then he increased the offer by 20%, then offered an additional 33% when I seemed reluctant. Why would Indigo be so eager to increase their initial offer by 60%? I asked my O&G attorney what was going on up there but I haven’t been able to get much info. Anyone know if they are planning anything big in DeSoto?

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That is also what several of the offers for our holdings are... a request to purchase our land and minerals outright... and at well above actual value. And as you and others have said, the $$$$ is excessive, especially when compared to other offers. Some of the Holdings are quite small, under 50 acres and others are for some large sections. 

To get an idea if these offers are for real, I suggest you ask if they have made other purchases that can be verified by deeds filed in the public records.  It is a simple process to use online internet access to view instruments filed in the public records of a county or parish.  If the companies are legit and have made other acquisitions, that should be evidenced in the public records.  If not then either they haven't made any purchases or this is some kind of bait and switch operation.  Seller beware.

Agree... been there and done that.... nothing in the County Records yet, no Deeds filed.

Really does not matter to me, I will not sell no matter what anyway... but the fact the offers are flying is catching my eye... keep anticipating something breaking loose at some point!  

And I agree, Seller beware! 


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