I have two questions and would like to know if anyone else has these problems or has advice.

1.  Last month TNGR deducted costs from a number of wells that are cost free.  They deducted these costs from production months 3/22, 11/22, 12/22, and 3/23.  No other months, not even the current month (at that time).  I contacted employee relations immediately Their comments were "we have received a lot of complaints about this".  I emailed them the details and they acknowledged the email in 9/5/23.

When I received this months payment detail.  They had not corrected the error.  They also did not deduct any costs for the current pay period.  I plan on sending them another email today.  When I do not get a response I usually send another email stating no if there is no action with in a specified date a demand letter will be sent.  My question is how long should I wait before sending them a demand letter.

2.  Comstock drilled two wells into a section that Exco owns (Chapman Heirs27-22-15 alt 1 and 2 14N 14W).  The well show completed in February 23 according to SONRIS.  Exco sent division orders in August and started paying this period (several months) .During a discussion with their Division Order Analyst she stated that this was only the Exco half and TGNR was responsible for the other half. I have heard nothing from TGNR.  I plan on sending them an email today but would like to know if there is any time limit to start paying.  Is there interest due for late payments for a new well if payout does not start in a reasonable time?

As always I appreciate the groups advice and knowledge.

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You're welcome, Jimmy.  There appears to be a number of TGNR lessors with the same problem.  If it was me, I think I'd want to get a handful to share the expense of asking an experienced O&G attorney's opinion of how strong a case you have.  That should cost $500 or less.  At least then you know your options.  It might only take a demand letter by a recognized O&G law firm to get action.  However keep in mind that those top law firms don't send demand letters for clients that don't pledge to follow through with a suit if the company ignores the demand.  They have a reputation to maintain with the industry.  Those that make demands and then do not follow through with litigation are soon ignored.

Thanks again, Skip. I'll take these under consideration. I have been able to speak with someone who seemed to show concern and claims she's working on this. I'll stay the course for the moment and definitely take what you've said here under serious advisement. I'm guessing this forum would be the best place to reach out to other lessors at least as a starting point, should that become necessary. 

In the top right corner of a GHS webpage you will find a search box.  If you search for TGNR, I think you will find multiple discussion threads by members with the same or similar TGNR problems.

Awesome, thanks so much. I didn't think about that!


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