"It's Always 5 O'clock Somewhere" (former GHS member passes)

Fond farewell to an early GHS pioneer icon.  Always controversial, always challenging.  And that was a good thing.  Job well done, "Jim Krow."  Sincerest regards & condolences to his family & friends.





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Nice. thanks for remembering him.  I must have come on after he slowed down his postings.  I loved what one woman wrote: "Keb Mo sang "Color him father, color him love".  Jim was and always has been my Dad; he was always there for me in every sense.  He was the most loyal person I ever knew and taught me more about life and living than anyone.  Jim was in my life for over 42 years and we talked most every day. Every decision I made, I ran by him and he always gave good advise, but was never judgmental."

My condolences to his family & friends. They are in my thoughts & prayers.

Thanks for the post, sesport.  How often... that we don't know what we have until it's lost... forever.  My condolences to his family & friends.

There was never a dull moment when Jim Krow was around.  May he rest in peace.

Dear Jim Krow:

Glad your hog didn't run out of gas.  And, y'know, maybe next time -- when you kick-start your yearly drive up the coast with the wind in your eyes . . .

You'll make it by to say "hello," and we'll get us those crawdads we talked about. 

Hey, the door is always open to you, Big Jim.  Your reaching out to help the poor and the little folk who only just wanted to be told the truth, won't soon be forgotten.

Keep on rambling on, my friend.

Keep on gunnin' it down the road.


Sound like a wonderful guy. I liked him as soon as I read he likes John Prine...and then reading GoshDarn's post really made an impact.

A life well lived.

Condolences to his family and friends.

well just dam ;-[  He lived near me for several years and everything that has been said about him is true...and there is much more to be said....hate to see him go so soon..he had so much energy and personality he will be missed..

I am so sorry to hear about Jim.  I am sad to hear the news.  Thanks for posting.  My sympathy and condolences go to his family and close friends.  I have received so much information from this site. 

So glad you posted this notice Seaport. I was on site when he posted as Jim McConnell and then Jim Crow. He was so knowledgeable and I really missed when he left. It took me awhile to realize that Jim Crow was the same person. Condolences to all of his family, He left this earth way too young.
WOW. I really hate to hear this. Jim will be missed by many.


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