Greenhouse gas negotiations in Madrid adjourned after two weeks without an agreement, leaving delegates to jet back home in failure. In response, an executive with the Environmental Defense Fund admonished nations to go their own way on carbon markets, setting up rules for “international emissions trading.” A U.N. report released last month said greenhouse gas emissions must be cut 7.6% annually to keep planetary warming under 2 degrees centigrade—a remarkably precise estimate based on climate models that have heretofore had a casual association with reality. It won’t happen. Out in the real world, inhabited by political leaders who want to stay in power and people who want to feed their families or even improve their standard of living, emissions keep rising as China, India and the continent of Africa continue to develop. Greenhouse gas emissions hit a new high in 2019. In the People’s Republic of China, coal production increased 2.6% in the first half of the year, with coal mining capacity hitting 3.53 billion tonnes in 2018, equivalent to 3,891 million short tons, or a little more than five times the coal mined in America. The centrally planned Chinese economy expects to add 290 gigawatts of coal-fired power plants in the coming years, peaking at 1,230 to 1,350 gigawatts of power. Today, China’s coal-fired electrical generating capacity stands at about 1,000 gigawatts and climbing, more than four times America’s 236 gigawatts (which is declining). In fact, China is planning to add more coal power (290 gigawatts) than the U.S. currently produces (236 gigawatts). From January to June of 2019, Chinese regulators approved the addition of 141 million tonnes of new coal production. In 2018 they only approved 25 million tonnes. By comparison, Arizona’s recently closed Kayenta mine produced 7.3 million metric tons (tonnes) annually.

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It is a sad state of affairs.  Made worse by lack of US leadership. 

I keep wondering why all of these Global Warming/Climate shift/We're all gonna die Organizations totally ignore the changes in our Magnetic Poles ( along with intensified Solar activity ( and Ocean Current Shifts (  and the actual stalling of the Atlantic Currents ( all impact our Global Climate are all being ignored and the 'Finger Pointers' are all pointing at the ONLY reason is due to the burning of Fossil Fuels like the Alien Pod People or something. Also I fail to see how ALL OF THIS RESPONSIBILITY LIES ON THE UNITED STATES. It is like Ocean Plastic pollution being blamed almost solely on the U.S. when 90% of all Ocean Plastics come from only eight major river systems in Asia. Sorry, but the Global Climate change has been in process since the Planet had its very first drop of precipitation long before Man stepped on it. Yes, Mankind has had an impact, however in the grand scheme, it is merely a single grain in the hourglass.

The moving of magnetic north is well documented and not ignored.  I've read several article just recently on the subject.  A warming ocean can indeed cause current shifts. That fact is also well covered.  The scientific community is in agreement as to the causes of the warming. 

It is a difficult task to focus public attention on the dangers and the scientific community requires the participation of elected leaders in all countries.  And it takes courage and a thick skin to advocate for changes that will address the dangers.  Human nature leads us to ignore dangers until we face them personally.  That is already happening in many parts of the world but until more of the developed countries face the realities of climate change, politicians will avoid confronting the problems.  I'm afraid we are past the point where much of the damage can be avoided, the easier actions are no longer adequate.  But I'm also convinced that the pace of damages is increasing to the point that many more people will be impacted in the next half decade.  Once that happens those people will demand action.  And attack elected leaders that did not take action earlier.  Human nature will doom much of the world to catastrophic climate changes.

It seems to me that many folks don't come to such issues with a truly objective, open mind. In other words, they have a preconceived agenda. It's not about truth. It's about my way or the highway.

And such subjective thinking tends to be motivated by putting/keeping money in their pockets, in many cases. So this short-term goal focus clouds their objectivity. They will not step back and ask themselves why they are thinking/promoting a line of partisian politics, why they are buying into one side of an issue. For some, it's also nothing more than an ax to grind, i.e., a way to assert their ego. And some also proceed to extend it into bullying, disrespecting the truth telling of others.

Finally, they could be forgetting where their IQ's land on the spectrum. Maybe they weren't 4.0 students. So the blindness to their desire to make money and protect their income clouds the objective reasoning as to what the smartest minds in science have concluded from valid research.

Conversely, these folks may tend to accept the high-powered thinking of the top minds when it comes to many, many societal advances in technology, e.g., smartphones, and the extreme intelligence needed to split atoms or to build MRI machines or to make breakthroughs in fighting cancer or to even computerize their lives.

Yet when it comes to serious science telling the truth about solid research that might lower their income or jimmy a career field they're involved with, they can't see the forest for the trees. They want to ignore 1 + 1 = 2. They let the subjectivity and the promoting memes of those without truth drive their decisions.   


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