Has there been any new drilling activity in or near R16W and R15W, T11N and T12N. Thanks.

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A good bit in 12N -16W & 15W.  Not in the 11N townships which have been noted as an area of low porosity.  The early wells drilled there produced a quarter of what wells in other areas of the Haynesville Shale fairway were producing with the same well design.

Comstock has filed for a CUL hearing for 2-11N-15W and 35-12N-15W.

No well permits issued yet for that well. Will be interesting to see how this one pans out. Comstock owns the deep rights in 5 or 6 sections, with several contiguous north/south sections, in this area.
Thanks so much.
Where would this be in relation to our property? Close. Ways off. Miles.
Where is your property? Need the section-township-range. Section 2 of 11N-15W is the most northern section row in the township. Immediately south of Section 35 of 12N-15W.
I’m really not sure. I can take picture of a document. And email to you. My cousin. Lives in Logansport. Told me few months ago. Exploration and drilling was close.
the well I mentioned is just east of Stanley, traversed by US HWY 84 east and west and Booker Road north and south. A section is one square mile, so Section 1 of T 11 N, R 15 W is 6 miles from Section 1 of T11N, R16W.

Russell, I'm not sure what "document" you are referring to but I suspect that somewhere in it is the section-township-range location of the minerals you own.

Comstock spud the McCoy 35-2 HC #1 on September 11th. The H&P 445 rig is currently on the location drilling.
Wow. Thanks so much for the information.


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