The March report of Haynesville Shale development activity shows an increase in wells listed as Waiting On Completion - 142 and Permitted, Not Drilling - 76.  Both category totals are the highest in a year.  Link follows:

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A good way to search for wells in a township is to use the Search By Section-Township-Range option but leave the Section search block blank.  This will pull up all wells in the township by section.  You can see MD and producing depths without opening each well file.  This is a good way to perform a quick review of a general area and to search for horizontal wells since their surface location can be in a different section from the one being produced.

The AC almost bankrupted CHK.  In retrospect it might have been better if it had.

CS John Matherne posted 2 brake downs last Thursday on the Austin Chalk Group under the sud-category Austin Chalk Activity. Looks like he put in a lot of work putting this together. 

Cheap Shot:

The Wilcox formation sits way above the Austin Chalk formation. You should have stated that the well will pass through the Wilcox on the way down to the Austin Chalk.

This well is permitted as an Austin Chalk well so I doubt they pass through it. More than likely their intention is to land the lateral in it, unless they change their mind while drilling from what the permit currently says.

~ ~ John

JP, I don't know how I made such a gross error as to place the Wilcox under the Austin Chalk. That's the kind of blooper you would expect from an Aggie geologist, not an internet message board poster. Thanks for calling it to my attention.

Cheap Shot:

I do that kind of stuff all the time when I have to many Sunday Sarsaparilla's. No worries, at least we are digging down instead of up. So we are on track one way or another.

~ ~ John

It is 2 AM on Monday morning and I got a few Sarsaparilla's under my belt. Maybe a fault could thrust the Wilcox under the Austin Chalk? A fold that could hold millions of barrels of oil in a trap.

Two Dogs: 

That does happen some times but rare. Salt Domes pushing up and deforming the formations is a more likely occurrence is these parts.

~ ~ John


thanks for the sonris search protip,

jim weyland

You're welcome, jim.  Experience helps in choosing the best type of search to perform based on the data set of interest.  For you, I'd suggest Search By Organization Name for your AOI since there is only one active operator.

thanks, once again, sir.


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