Hello everyone,  I'm a first time forum participant and new to the oil game. I need some advice. 

I have mineral rights in Panola County, Texas. I get offers to buy them occasionally. Can anyone tell me how to find the value of these mineral rights?



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Both Brammer and Indigo know what they are doing.  


Totally agree - but this is not cookie cutter drilling and completion. Errors, mistakes and less than optimum work program can take place even with the most experienced operators.

Rock Man, about half of the Haynesville/Bossier operating companies are on the Brammer client list I linked.  In addition to Indigo and Chevron, there is Covey Park, BP, Rockcliff, BHP Billiton, Ensight IV and Aethon.

Rockman, I was surprised to find that and after looking... they were drilled last year and I just figured out that they were completed when the production finally got reported. Several months worth showed up in July.

The wells are:

365-38344, Curtis-Kirby #3HH, DP #827891, Lease ID #283965

365-38356, Adams-Burns #1HH, DP #830705, Lease ID #284359



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