Mosaic Materials partners with ExxonMobil to explore new carbon capture tech.

Not much meat, but

“Through this agreement with ExxonMobil, we look to accelerate the pace of our development and demonstrate the business and environmental benefits that our technology can offer,” said Thomas McDonald, chief executive officer of Mosaic Materials. “Our proprietary technology allows us to separate carbon dioxide from nearly any gas mixture using moderate temperature and pressure changes, substantially increasing energy efficiency and decreasing costs.  (emphasis added

I'm curious to see how it handles sulfur compounds.  Catalysts in engines are commonly poisoned by sulfur.  If this is not, it has applications potentially both in lieu of amine systems for CO2 control, as well as on larger compressors.  

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Mosaic is a tiny, really tiny, start-up arising out of research performed at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, a US Department of Energy lab located in Berkeley, CA.  One of the three founders is a senior scientist at that lab.  Their web site is a fairly minimalist effort.



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