Natchitoches Parish - Spud Date Lottery! ====> Top Three Places!!!

I have completed a final tally and the following are the "official" top three finishers in the Spud Date Lottery

1st Place --- Bobi Carr --- Semp Russ Plnts 6 H1 Well

2nd Place --- Sharon Graham* --- Petro-Hunt 8 #H1 Well

3rd Place --- rhedle --- Waller Family 4 #H1 Well

* - Required coin flip


Okay, the Haynesville Shale activity is finally starting to pick up down south in Natchitoches Parish.  So make your pick for the spud date of the first horizontal Haynesville Shale well in Natchitoches Parish.  Maybe Keith will give the winner a big gold star.


See end of discussion for summary of selections.


I will make my pick first - July 10th, 2010.  

(Happy Anniversay Mom & Dad)

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I'll go with my birthday July 20th, Valkyrie, lol.
I'm waiting to see if Keith is actually awarding a Gold Star. LOL!
Skip, the clock is ticking - you better get your pick in before someone grab's your date.
Okay, but if I win you have to promise to lobby Keith for my Gold Star. Since the trend appears to be anniversaries and birthdays, I'll take my b'day, July 15.
Not far from me Skip, July birthdays are the best.
How do I even get a gold you know how much gold is per oz nowadays?
So how much do your stars weigh? I was thinkin', one two-hundredths of an oz. Or less? If that's too steep for you Keith, just send me a check for $4. Or you could just credit my account! LOL!
Keith, are you going to join the action? What is your pick?
GD, are you going to pick your date?
GD, now you have me cravin' one of those po' boys. That is one of the things I miss the most.

By the way, the next time you are in the city - try a po' boy at R&O's Pizza in Bucktown.
I'll pick for my Mom & Dad-- their 62nd Wedding Anniversary is July 24; they have their acreage in the Marcellus Shale.
June wife's birthday.


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