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There is a company from Shreveport that is preparing to drill a Hosston well next to one of our Haynesville wells in Grand Cane. Unfortunately the land women wasn't able to tell me much of anything regarding this type of well other than it was vertical and more shallow than Haynesville.

Is there someone out there who could explain depth, drainage area, expected (good) well production, expected depletion rates, and the like? She also mentioned drilling through another layer (name begins with a "P") which might also provide production from the same well.

Any information would be appreciated.

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Hosston is a conventional gas interval produced by vertical wells.  The units, which relate to drainage, are from 320 acres to 640 acres depending on location,  If you supply your section-township-range, I may be able to be more specific.  There are few recent Hosston wells upon which to project production and depletion rates over most of the historic Hosston (HOSS) townships.  If your area is a well documented HOSS area, it may be possible to draw some conclusions.  Generally speaking HOSS wells are long lived, natural gas wells with significantly less production volume compared to Haynesville Shale.  The HOSS is more shallow than the Haynesville Shale and the Cotton Valley sands, the depth depends on location.

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Section: 27

Township: 13N

Range: 14W

Next to well serial number: 239152


In this area Hosston wells produce from 640 acre units, so all of Section 27 is covered in the HOSS unitization order.  This is a little further south than I see the preponderance of HOSS wells but there are some existing wells in the township.  This 1978 well will give you some idea of what to expect.

Thank you so much ... was exactly what I was looking for ...


You're welcome.  Good luck with your new well.  I see very few new HOSS wells drilled.  Please share the well name and operator or the well serial number when the well is permitted.  I'll show you how to follow it.

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The operator is Fontainbleau Operating LLC, the serial number on the well is 252404. Started drilling last Wednesday.


Great.  I hope it's a good well, Gregory.


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