Bare with us as we get everything in place.

The lease offer db can be found under the "More..." tab.

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If you have any thoughts email them to

GrIn... I think you meant "Bear with us"! At least I hope so...

yes, "bear"

Keith, I am having a problem reading any responses on the site. Everytime I go to another discussion, I get a message saying this site has a long running script. I am then asked to stop the script. When I do that, then I can read this discussion.

Dont like anything about the new design.

Hang in there!

this is scary.  feels a little like a small earthquake and a tropical storm.

is everyone else ok??

Actually, it's not too bad, sort of spiffy and fast.  Take some time to click on some of the GHS links.  Is this a new version of Joomla?

I like the oil and gas prices right up at the top.

There is a new chat function with voice options?  So, if I had a friend on GHS we could talk?  That's cool, a little risky but the pros who know each other could find great use for it.

I'm starting to like this. You can do a lot with it - the old interphase had lots of options I never looked at, and I am sure this one will too. But, it feels faster, am I right about that?


Like HANG, I am interested in knowing more about the "chat" function. I got some "chatter" yesterday, but didn't know how to answer. Please give us an idiot-proof set of directions as to how to use the chat function.

Members can start private chats with other members on the network, turn sounds on or off, pop out the chat window or disconnect from Chat. Members will also find that they can access Chat on their iPhones, iPads and other devices by clicking to view the regular version of the network.

The chat room has two main areas. The “Main Room” and “Members Online.” Of course you are more than welcome to enter in an entry in the “Main Room.” Click on it and the window will expand. Your cursor will be automatically placed in the text entry box. Note the smiley emoticons. Type your text and hit return. It will appear in the chat room.

When the Main Room tab is minimized, a red indicator with the number of unread messages appears. Clicking on either tab will expand the windows to let you see messages or message other members privately. You can also stretch the chat windows to make them taller by clicking the center of a chat pane and dragging it upwards. The taller chat windows will even stay the same height when you move between pages on your network.

The other section, “Members Online” gives you a representation of those who are currently available in the chat function.  Any member who is currently signed into a GHS will show up as online. That means members will appear online when visiting any page, unless they actively toggle their chat status to “Offline.” You can opt out of the chat function by expanding this section and then clicking on the gear icon and unchecking “Connected to chat.” FYI, If there is a green light here, you are in the chat function. If there is a red light here, you have opted out. You can also set the chat notification volume by clicking on the volume icon

In either window, if you want to begin a private chat with another member, click on their name. This will open another window to begin the session with this individual only.

The chat also has it’s own dedicated page, under the “Discussions” tab or here

Like the general overhaul--only problem is the popup "long running script"--if you stop it then you can get in to everything. Can the individual user do anything to keep this from popping up?

Can you confirm that this has stopped?

Yes it has stopped. Did not see any popups when I got on a few minutes ago.



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