I have 2 separate owner numbers with Chesapeake and neither has posted payment to oildex for December and no checks have arrived.  Am I the only one or was this across the board for Chesapeake royalty holders?  Thanks.  

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RONNY my CHK owner info. on oildex as of 1525 CST today shows my last pymnt is from 11/30/21. Nothing's posted there for 12/21 yet but my ACH pymnt from CHK for 12/21 posted & cleared my back acct. on 12/30/21, hope this helps somewhat.

Do you think that your expected checks would be over $100?

If not, operators have the right to defer payments until total is over that number.

yes should be over $100 unless they suspended production in October. Guess I should check Sonris. thanks

I've not yet received my check from CHK for this month.  My on-line account shows a check amount, but I still get my checks via snail-mail.

The USPS could the problem here - especially with the Holidays.

Personally, the few checks that I get in the mail (operator won't do direct deposit) tend to 7-10 days later now versus pre-COVID.

CHK’s online site updated to show December stub #’s but not until 0930 today Jan. 4th.

Saw that production finally posted and got my check stub emails today.  Guess they got a little behind.  Better late than never.  Thanks for the updates.  Happy New Year to All.


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