I have 2 separate owner numbers with Chesapeake and neither has posted payment to oildex for December and no checks have arrived.  Am I the only one or was this across the board for Chesapeake royalty holders?  Thanks.  

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RONNY my CHK owner info. on oildex as of 1525 CST today shows my last pymnt is from 11/30/21. Nothing's posted there for 12/21 yet but my ACH pymnt from CHK for 12/21 posted & cleared my back acct. on 12/30/21, hope this helps somewhat.

Do you think that your expected checks would be over $100?

If not, operators have the right to defer payments until total is over that number.

yes should be over $100 unless they suspended production in October. Guess I should check Sonris. thanks

I've not yet received my check from CHK for this month.  My on-line account shows a check amount, but I still get my checks via snail-mail.

The USPS could the problem here - especially with the Holidays.

Personally, the few checks that I get in the mail (operator won't do direct deposit) tend to 7-10 days later now versus pre-COVID.

CHK’s online site updated to show December stub #’s but not until 0930 today Jan. 4th.

Saw that production finally posted and got my check stub emails today.  Guess they got a little behind.  Better late than never.  Thanks for the updates.  Happy New Year to All.

No. Was paid on all wells but one. Sonris data showed gas produced for October. One employee said they held out expenses another said Inwoukd have check by weeks end 2 weeks ago. Another said I would be contacted. Crickets so far.


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