Why would an O&G Co. ask a relative to call the Clerk Of Courts and close out a deceased relative'ss case and allow the O&G Co. to handle the title work themselves?  Why wouldn't the O&G Co. want the heirs to handle the JOP/Succession themselves?


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LN -

I am having some trouble understanding your exact question here.

An Oil & Gas Company can't, and shouldn't, handle Succession matters.  This falls on the responsibility of the decedents family.  Plenty of times successions are never opened....

An OG Company can, however, have certain documents executed and made of record that clarifies ownership (Curative). An example includes an Affidavit of Death and Heirship. 

Hi Hugh,

That's what this O&G Co. asked one of our relatives to do. 

Anyway, thank you for explaining this to me.



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