I heard the words "Shale Gas" come out of Obama's mouth on the radio today. I thought that was great until I Googled it:

Shale gas is part of US-China clean energy accord
It may have been toward the bottom of the list. But US President Barack H. Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao did include a shale gas resource initiative in their Nov. 17 announcement of measures to strengthen clean energy cooperation between the two countries.

“Under the initiative, the US and China will use experience gained in the United States to assess China’s shale gas potential, promote environmentally-sustainable development of shale gas resources, conduct joint technical studies to accelerate development of shale gas resources in China, and promote shale gas investment in China through the US-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum, study tours, and workshops,” the White House said in a statement posted at its Web site.

That just pisses me off. To "...use experience gained in the US to assess China's potential..."? To "...accelerate development of shale gas resources in China..."? To "...promote shale gas investment in China..."? Why doesn't Obama promote US shale gas for the benefit of the US?

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Why doesn't Obama promote US shale gas for the benefit of the US?

Because he doesn't love his country.
Why doesn't Obama promote US shale gas for the benefit of the US?

Obama hasn't done anything to benefit the U.S.
Maybe it's because NG is not Wind or Solar!
He will when he gets on that helicopter on January 20, 2013, and goes back to Chicago!

There are issues within the controlling party of Congress and the Executive office with Natural Gas. Unlike the dunce Pelosi, most of the rest of them know that nat gas is a hydrocarbon. Their party has been bought and paid for by many groups, one of which is the environmental extremists. So they have to cow-tow to these folks and not give oil and gas a break. In fact, they have to try their best to "stick it" to this particular industry. Also, many of the nat gas companies are making a profit and we know that these guys hate profits when they are made by private enterprise. To them, profits should only be made by politicians and everything else should be taxed to hell and confiscated away. So that's why he's not pushing nat gas. Or he might push it, but then slap the companies that drill for it with more taxes and a burdensome healthcare tax.

Name one industry that he's really helping that isn't politically tied to his pocketbook or the pocketbooks of the unions? The banks? follow the money and you'll find that his cabinet and himself are well paid in that regard.
My thoughts...

I find it interesting that the President is now the spokesman for private E&P firms in China, offering this up, as if Chesapeake or other firms couldn't sell the shale technology on their own. Of course, the government has delved into areas not seen since....maybe FDR, but I wasn't around then.

I think that this an opportunity to discuss why our government, our President isn't willing to broach topics like shale gas here in our own land, a land desperately in need of energy solutions. It appears to me that he is pushing premature energy sources while conceding sources such as nuclear and shale gas to our competitors, with the notion that "one nation's success shouldn't come at the expense of another nation." What?? I am so thankful that FDR and Truman didn't have this philosophy as they developed a bomb, that NASA didn't have this philosophy when we put a man on the moon, that Reagan didn't have this when he asked Gorby to tear down this wall. AND I don't think we should have this when it comes to energy technology which essentially is national security in this day & age.

Another issue, ancillary. is that we used to use our technology to uphold democratic regimes. I would much rather assist Eastern Europe in easing their dependence on Soviet (oops Russian) gas. We have wedded ourselves, and supposedly enriched ourselves, with China. I think we are likely to pay for this at a later date as China becomes emboldened by a weaker US.
Very eloquent and right on, Keith!
If I try really hard - and trust me, it takes a lot of trying - I suppose he could be trying to get China to develop its resources so that we will have greater access to oil from the ME.

I said I was stretching...

"I find it interesting that the President is now the spokesman for private E&P firms in China"

I found that very interesting. Did our (US) "owners" of this technology give him carte blanch to speak for them with China or is he just assuming (again)?
Maybe once E&P firms disclose frac fluids we'll sell them as state secrets and pay off Chinese debt. i'm kidding-kinda.
There are many U.S. companies trying to get into the gas shale business in China. Trust me on that one. And you don't have to worry about people getting all pissy about frac'ing, water, etc. Need a permit to drill? It will be there by close of business today.
Everything is run by the government over in China isn't it? How long will it be before our oil and gas industry are run by the government here?
I think that's why easing burdens and allowing plentiful opportunities to drill is vital for the industry, because let's face it, we don't want to be China environmentally do we? So, our federal government needs to butt out on non-essential & tax burdens and make sure the red tape minimal on the essential regs.


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