Anyone have any ideas why an Oil Company would be having problems getting permits from the State of Louisiana for salt water disposal pipe?  We have been waiting to receive payment from the Oil Company and the only explanation provided to us is that the Oil Company is having trouble getting permits from the State of Louisiana.

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If Louisiana is anything like Texas, permitting an SWD (and especially a commercial SWD) requires a ton of paperwork and approvals. And if opposition pops up, it slows the process down even more.

There could be some opposition but that would be rare.  More likely the reason for the delay is that the Office of Conservation is under staffed and the review and approval of many permits takes a long, long time.  Much longer than they should.  It now takes 6 to 9 months for a new well to receive an LUW code number which is required to report production to the state.  The budget cuts over the last eight to ten years have taken a toll.

Believe me Skip, I am one of those very low paid state worker's with an enormous caseload.   Not to mention the government red tap,   Sorry not with office needed.

Thanks for the reply. We will wait patiently for Oil Company to get their approvals/permits. It’s frustrating, but what can we do about it, but wait.



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