We have undivided interest in two tracts within the same survey. I have the legal description of both tracts, different parts of the survey. One tract is leased, the other tract is not. How can I research the tracts and find information on our ownership. Thanks.

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This is a bit of a wide ranging question.  Are you wanting information about the surface?  Or mineral rights?  What are you wanting to find out?  Location?  Drilling activity?  With it being undivided, some details may be vague.  

Trying to trace mineral rights ownership.

I'm afraid that may be a question for a lawyer or landman.  Minerals could have been severed from the surface anytime in the last 130+ years.  

For Texas mineral title assistance, I suggest Julie Freeman.  Jffree1.  Message her.


Thanks Skip I had to send a friend request first to send a message so I sent the request.


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